Natural Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hair Acne Treatment (Dark Beard Marks Remover)


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Natural Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hair Acne Treatment (Dark Beard Marks Remover)

Certain skin and hair types are more prone to ingrown hairs and scarring than others. It may be hard to avoid getting ingrown hairs or scars completely, especially if you have very coarse or curly hair. However, the best way to prevent ingrown hairs from scarring is to not let them get infected.

Step 1
Natural Razor Bump Scrub (With Salicylic Acid)
Natural Razor Bump emulsifying scrub cleanses and gently exfoliates to reveal a clearer, more even-textured complexion , buffs away dead skin cells, helping to free trapped hairs that are known to cause unruly razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It will help soften and smooth rough skin and help prevent blemishes by unclogging oily pores to prevent outbreaks of spots , whilst calming dryness and irritation.

Step 2
Natural Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hair Acne Treatment cream is a blend of natural oils, extracts and botanical powders that has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, effectively treating Dark Beard Marks, Ingrown Hair marks and acne .
Visibly reduces blemishes and acne scar while targeting dark spots, prevent future outbreaks and clean bacteria from your pores that causes acne.

★clearing your pores of bacteria that may be causing irritation or breakouts
★reducing inflammation so acne becomes less visible, less red, and less irritated
★gently encouraging cell turnover so your skin heals more quickly and scarring is minimized

✔ No artificial colours
✔ Paraben free
✔ Silicon free
✔ 100% natural and organic with plant extract
✔ Suitable for sensitive skin


A pre-shave scrub and cream all in one that exfoliates for an easier, closer shave. Eco-friendly, biodegradable scrubbing particles help to unclog pores, prevent ingrown hairs, and minimise shaving irritation. Removes oil, dirt, and dead skin cells to leave a clear path for your blade. Men and Women



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